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Sustainable marketing places your brand at the heart of growth. When we started this blog in July 2021, ‘brandformance’ was yet to be a buzzword. Our goal is to elevate its presence and significance.

What truly drives brand growth is a question that every marketer deals with. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer — given that each company has unique goals, operates in varied industries, and is at diverse maturity stages — the consistent truth is clear: every company must prioritize investment in its brand.

A brand with upright values fosters trust, overcomes challenges, and creates a fertile environment for growth, shaping positive business outcomes.

The key? The Brandformance approach. Adopting a brand awareness strategy that integrates performance marketing methods helps pinpoint the objectives that impact your brand growth.

We delve into different branding strategies, glean insights from successful brands, and focus on techniques that easily fit into daily practices. Using this knowledge, we’re crafting a method to measure branding efforts and identify the drivers behind the results. We invite you to venture on this journey with us.


About the Team

Liran Kabilo The Brandformer

Hi there, I’m Liran Kabilo.

I came across digital marketing by chance, I hadn’t seen the appeal of marketing before then. When I graduated in 2010, the digital marketing industry was in its infancy. A friend told me about a new field called PPC, and because he knew I’ve got a good sense for numbers and analyzing, he advised me to check this out.

Throughout my career, I had passionately argued with brand and social marketers about the right way to advertise and where the budget should go. One thing we all shared was the point when the product brand stopped growing as expected, which made it hard to meet the KPIs. That’s where the collaboration began.

Sounds familiar? Let’s face it, most of the time, the KPI goals don’t match reality. I used to face this situation at every company or client I worked with. First, I used to blame the budget limitations, and when I succeeded in convincing them to increase the budget, in most cases, the business growth didn’t align with the budget growth. The glass ceiling had hit once again.

So what was I missing?

Over the years, I came to acknowledge that there is no one right place to invest the marketing budget. A sustainable collaboration with the different marketing fields and finding ways to optimize marketing actions is the key to breaking this glass ceiling.

From my perspective, this is actually what brandformance is all about. Investing your branding effort in the most proven fruitful channels.

I genuinely believe that any brand can constantly grow by developing a brandformance method. To my good fortune, I have had great colleagues over the years and got the chance to develop brandformance methods with several brands. For example, you can see this AIG & Taboola case study, which I participated in, explaining how we measured & optimized the traffic from the Taboola video channel to increase AIG mortgage brand searchers.

These types of experiences got me excited, and that’s why I decided to explore familiar brands that succeed in raising their brand awareness in unconventional ways.

So here I am writing this blog, sharing the brandformance stories I have explored, tools I have studied, and most importantly, what I learned from other marketers from their experiences.

Feel free to reach out to me via email, a content page, or by commenting on the blog posts.

Thank you for getting this far, and I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me together.

Ahmed Hssain The Brandformer

Hey there, I’m Ahmed Hssain,

I’m a passionate writer born and grew up in Morocco, in North Africa. I have lived in and traveled to 13 countries and counting, and now I live in the United States. I have a bachelor’s in English Literature and Politics and am familiar with Eastern and Western Cultures. After accidentally discovering the Marketing realm, I found a passion for it and am currently studying Business and Marketing while enjoying writing Marketing related articles. Through my articles, I wish to educate myself and those reading them about the power of branding, advertising, and marketing. I’m a book enthusiast, love working out, and enjoy playing chess and soccer.

Nadav Moreno The Brandformer

Hello, my name is Nadav Moreno.

I’m guitar savvy and a former guitar tutor. Through music and teaching, I discovered a deep passion for method development and creative processes, which inspired me to explore new possibilities, leading me into the captivating world of web development, specifically the ability to use modern web technologies to create visually appealing and user-friendly web applications.

For me, this project was initially a trial because I had no idea about marketing. However, Liran convinced me with the promise of a fascinating platform for marketers. He recognized my passion for creating things in new ways that would fit our platform agenda. And here I’m, enjoying this exciting venture, surrounded by a team of remarkable people.