Optimize your brand to perform at its best

There’s one thing all marketers agree on. The most valuable traffic a website can drive in any industry comes from users searching for the brand. As long as you excel at that you can scale.

What influences brand growth is a puzzle marketers face together; there is no clear answer. Each company has its own business goals, focus on specific industries and is at different stages of maturity. But every company needs to invest in its brand.
A well-known brand with the right values has a significant impact on business results by building trust and removing barriers. These values are the critical foundation on which the brand can grow. The key to leveraging these values is to develop an enduring brand awareness strategy that relies on marketing inputs to impact business goals.
These are the fruits of your marketing investments.

Brandformance Hub Hierarchy

You can find 2 sections in this hub:

The first section is about Brandformance stories, where we dive into the stories of different brands that have been able to increase their brand awareness in different ways.

The second section is about the Brandformace Guide and what it is. This gives you tools and tactics to measure brand activity and the impact of brand awareness using performance marketing tools.

couple watching old spice commercial

Old Spice’s Perfect Recipe to Start a Conversation

When I first learned about Old Spice, and other than the fact that I thought it was a brand that makes hot sauce, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Not being from the United States, I was not aware of the existence of the brand. And when I heard that the brand went from a […]
Soda Stream Cage Ben Gurion Airport

SodaStream – walk the talk growth marketing strategy.

While listening to Stela Krief, SodaStream’s Israel CEO, on the Billboard podcast, something in particular she said caught my attention, “At SodaStream, we walk the talk. There is no social agenda that needs to be invented. At other companies where I worked when forced to choose a social agenda it was always pushed aside, and in […]
Go Pro's Branformance Story

The Magic of GoPro’s Brand

Let’s say that your brand competes in a monopolistic environment. Meaning, that you’re playing with sellers whose product is different in some way but ultimately serves a similar purpose. But then stronger new players decide to invade the territory aiming to wipe everyone out. How would you play? GoPro has been facing this type of […]