Start measuring brand awareness

Start Messuring Brand Awareness

“The best time to start was last year. Failing that, today will do.” – Chris Guillebeau

Jump into it and start measuring your brand awareness today– it’s an exciting journey you won’t want to miss! While the early days may not provide mind-blowing insights, they do offer a small glimpse into the current mood of your brand. It’s like putting a marker on the map, giving you a clear starting point for the exciting journey ahead. Keep at it; before you know it, you’ll have a trail of insights that will lead you to brand glory!

Why start measuring brand awareness is important?

The world of measuring brand awareness is buzzing with different opinions – it’s like a carnival of thoughts out there! Just look at this Reddit thread where someone makes the bold statement that measuring brand awareness isn’t useful in 95% of cases, saying it’s a lot of work for little reward.

Reddit theard start messuring brand awareness

But wait a minute, let’s flip that script! We at Thebrandformer see things differently. We believe those skeptics are missing the grander vision. For us, brand awareness is an ongoing adventure, not just a fleeting campaign. It’s about crafting a lasting legacy and nurturing its growth! 🌟 When you start treating brand awareness like an ongoing adventure, you’ll see every marketing move as a piece of the puzzle—focusing you on what makes the biggest splash. And that, dear friends, is what we like to call “brandformance” – where branding meets performance! 🚀💥

How and where to start?

Every adventure begins with a single step! To make that first step impactful, let’s inject a bit of excitement and figure out where our brand stands in this bustling world. Is it making waves online? How’s the buzz on social media? 

Remember, the approach varies depending on whether your brand is a veteran or a rookie. Still, here are some cool, accessible strategies to get the answers for both the seasoned brands and the new kids on the block.

1. Dive into your brand’s search waves:

  1. Google Trends: Pop your brand’s name in this tool. If you’re just starting out, any blip on the radar means you’re getting noticed – yay! ⭐Established brands should see a clear trend. Now, stretch the timeline as far back as it goes. Spot the moment your brand began to turn heads. Notice any peaks? Now, throw your top competitor into the mix and compare notes. How do your trend lines match up?
  2. Google Search Console: Filter your brand name query. Track how many impressions are changing over time. Any sudden jumps? Now, dig into the details. Notice anything new tagged onto your brand, like “your brand + deal”? It’s a sneak peek into what your audience is thinking at certain times.
  3. Google Analytics: Focus on Organic and Direct traffic. Just like before, hunt for spikes and patterns. Do these visitors venture deeper into your site, keen to learn more about what you offer? Let’s find out.

2. Explore your brand’s social media buzz:

  1. Interactions: Take a trip down the last three months on your social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, you name it. Are some posts getting more likes, comments, or views than others? Spot any trends in how your audience engages week by week?
  2. Mentions: No need for fancy tools yet. Just hop onto each platform and search for your brand. Who’s talking about you? A shoutout for your latest video or a review of your product can reveal a lot. It shows how people are using and perceiving your brand. Not finding any mentions yet? That’s okay. It’s a baseline. Once the conversation starts, you’ll see the impact of your efforts come to life.

Keep a log to track your progress! Choose a sheet style you like, and start jotting down dates and discoveries. Also, note down the various marketing efforts you’re making. Then, observe the trends from the strategies we talked about. Look at what happens before, during, and after your marketing campaigns. This will give you a clear picture of their impact!

Building a Routine for Real Growth

When you’re focused on building brand awareness, remember it’s a continuous journey. Invest time in measuring your progress. It’s not always easy or straightforward, but it pays off with dedication. We’ve crafted a comprehensive “how to measure brand awareness” framework just for you. Set aside just 10 minutes each day to dive into it. Start with the first section. It’ll take you from ground zero to the next level, and as time passes, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the fruits of your labor.

Kickstart Your Journey Today!

It’s time to move beyond guesswork in your marketing strategy. Start measuring brand awareness to validate those brilliant ideas with hard data. Sometimes, what seems like a fantastic idea may not pan out, or even if it does, you’ll want solid numbers to justify doing more of it. The thought of starting this measurement journey might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Embrace the process, understand your brand’s current standing, and let that set your future benchmarks. Tackling this step by step will guide you smoothly in the right direction.